About DOTS

Dog care has always been of huge importance to DOTS LONDON founder Michelle through her other homeless outreach projects and she has become known as someone who likes to support the street dogs that so many of our homeless friends have as pets. She originally started providing essentials for the street dogs over five years ago, raising awareness and collecting donations via her original Twitter account @donatesox/@otslondon.

DOTS LONDON is London’s leading voluntary run street project that PROTECTS, CARES & SUPPORTS all street dogs covering the Borough of Westminster, Camden, Shoreditch, East and parts of North London, Michelle was the first to provide dog essentials to homeless people living on the streets of London. This was very much needed and appreciated from the homeless community with dogs. As a result, awareness grew, and more grass-roots initiatives recognised the need for support with, and donations for street dogs.

For most rough sleepers their dog is their only companion, and many will choose to feed their “fur-baby” before themselves. Some of these dogs can live on a diet of human food and that’s obviously not good for their health hence regular donations of dog food to ensure a stable healthy diet is provided for the dogs thus donations of dog food, treats, leads, collars warm dog coats and many other different essentials is greatly needed and appreciated.

Throughout 2017 DOTS LONDON will be hosting a new UK initiative as well as mobile outreaching, REGULAR STATIC STREET RAN DOG CARE STATION for the dogs living rough on the streets with their homeless owners. Each station our homeless friends can bring their dog along to pick up dry and wet dog food, treats, collars, leads, blankets, dog coats and more. For locations and details of services please visit our Doggy Stations page.

Every dog we meet and provide any part of our service to will be registered with DOTS and will wear a dog tag with our details on and a unique number so any other professionals can call for any care history we have provided, we believe as owners and dogs circulate around duplicate veterinary care in-particularly can be provided, The dog may also be on a special diet we provide therefore each dog receives their own unique number that is logged on our data base so that again any other professionals that see the dog can make contact with us to receive up to date care info. This is a new initiative by DOTS LONDON that we will be implementing across the UK to protect the dogs living on the streets.

The provisions available at our dog care stations are entirely dependent on self-funding and donations from our supporters.

If you would like to donate towards our weekly dog care stations, please donate here